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Welcome. You are here because you have stumbled upon a link, or simpley stumbled upon it in a google search^^. I post about my interests here.

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Starting March 2011....

I got anywhere from porno links to random Russian news tips all the way to...just random people posting whatever. So from this point on, all anonymous comments are disabled. (Though for some reason I think that still won't be enough if there are really, truly bored people out there.)

I thank all anonymous supporters in the past!

Feb. 11th, 2016

I've been overwhelmed by my stupid activity on Twitter and Tumblr, so I'm coming here to calm down.

Things lost in translation

Some things can't help but be lost in translation, due to simple language differences. Take for example the fun things, such as the different pronoun usages between Hak, Kija, and Jae-Ha.

And then there's language that is meant to be vague, but English says "No", and Yona comes off as a dense as hell person. More so than canonically correct.

I'm going to become better at that. I have made it a goal!

Akatsuki no Yona anime adaptation

For the longest time, I didn't want an adaptation. It was always, "Oh no, there isn't enough," or, "They won't do it justice," and the like. Even now I kind of feel what I've been feeling all these years. Now that it's real, I've kind of accepted it's happening(?) Moving characters with Kunihiko Ryo's musical score, of course I can get behind that. I'm also confident the person in charge of series composition will at least do good on it. The director is new and unpredictable for a series, so I'm nervous about that.

The first promo image of the Yona anime has Zeno, and he doesn't appear until volume 8. If it's set at 1-cour, it will either seem like one big marketing skim-over job, it will start from volume 8 or 9 while slipping in context here and there (this one's unlikely judging from the anime's synopsis), or it will be more original. If it's set at 2-cour, they can easily end it at discovering Zeno, but that would just be an anti-climatic buzzkill (and it would probably drag, now that I think about it). They could go fast and cover 13 volumes in 24 episodes, but they would have to be going fast. A-1 and Aniplex managed to do that with Magi's first season with some originality in there (much of which wasn't very pleasant, uuuu).

The production has been underway for a year to ensure quality, but in what way? For the script? The funding? I'm going to be looking out for this with some reservations, but I hope it's good. I know I can look forward to the soundtrack for now.
I've been thinking of slowly transferring back to Livejournal lately. I left this site back in 2011 when the ddos attacks became too massive, but that doesn't seem to happen that much anymore. It's a shame most fandoms transferred to Tumblr, too. The communities are not active at all. 


I was bedridden all Friday from being sick, and it may continue throughout the weekend, so I'm deeply sorry if I don't get back to anyone on purchases right away.
Sales Post:
-prices are in USD
-shipping is not included (to calculate shipping please pm or comment with your zip code)
-ships only in the US
- paypal payment (payments sent to sorasan@hotmail.com)
-all items are in excellent condition unless otherwise stated.
-if you have any questions please leave me a comment or a pm and i'll get back to you asap.

*28 April update: Blood Kiss Tonight, Viewfinder, How to Control a Sidecar, Junjou Romantica (manga), Stray Cat, and Tyrant Falls in Love are sold
* 3 May update: You will Fall in Love is sold


Hetalia: NedSpa, Germano, AmeViet

BL: Bloody Kiss Tonight, Butterfly of the Distant Day, Cigarette Kisses, Entangled Circumstances, Viewfinder, Gakuen Heaven: Nakajima, How to Control a Sidecar, Kirepapa, Junjou Romantica, Maiden Rose, Stray Cat, The Tyrant Falls in Love, You Will Fall in Love, The Loudest Whisper,
shoujo: Oresama Teacher, Dawn of the Arcana, Library Wars, Sailor Moon, The Betrayal Knows My Name
seinen: Hetalia

shoujo: Revolutionary Girl Utena
shounen: Rebuild of Evangelion, Full Metal Panic! (Fumoffu and Second Raid), Tsubasa OVD Collection,
BL: Junjo Romanica first season
General: Hetalia, seasons 1-4
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Akatsuki no Yona vol.12 stuff

This volume contains chapters 66-70 from the main story, and then it diverges into extras. Predictable as ever, I've already covered those extras because they were Kija-centric.


Special - "Kija"
Length: 9 pages
Characters: Kija, Granny, Former Hakuryuu
Notes: Contents linked to this chapter, which is also in this volume (magazine scans used, though)


As for covers, Hana to Yume has done an overhaul of their comic design, and this series is one of those that were affected. The back cover includes what was supposed to be the cover page of the extra in this volume, but they cut it to make room for the 9-page special.

CoversCollapse )

Aug. 21st, 2013

Knights of Sidonia's animated adaptation will be out next year according to its English publisher. I'm just really worried about Izana's reception in the fandom. More than half of Izana's art on pixiv is R-18. It's like, "Oh HO, this character is hermaphrodite, double the sex fun hun hun hun!"

It's disturbing, and Izana's purpose in the story is far from that.

Anyway, there are a few things the anime can improve on. Most of all, it's their expressions. Sometimes they're so flat in the manga.(Look at this. His hand has been screwed up, and that's how he looks? I'd be cringing in freaking pain.) It gets better as the series goes on, but the first two volumes' worth of adaption will definitely need it. I also can't wait until Tsumugi is introduced. She's my favorite character.
My mother's boyfriend makes $3500 a month, perhaps even more, yet he manages to nearly run out by the end of each month. From what he's told me, I've figured out he would still have an extra $1400 after all his expenses, both necessities and desires (like cable and Internet). What he does with it is a mystery to me. Poor managing, I guess. Of course, when he can shoot a $600 swimming pool with a shotgun or slice a hole into a $900 tent because he's angry, you get the sense he takes this kind of stuff for granted. 
One of my cats came in with a cut, limp tail about 4 days ago. I was worried that he had a broken tail, but after four days of keeping him in he can lift it completely again. Meanwhile, he whines and meows almost non-stop to go outside and my sister and I couldn't sleep one night because of it. 

This semester in Japanese class we're covering to verbs for 'to give' and 'to receive'. The word for them depends on who you are and who is giving to who and I've just always found it confusing. We also need to learn how to say 'doing the favor of receiving something/giving something', which is the te-ageru/morau/kureru form. It takes practice. Tons of it.
I decided to read Screaming Lessons over the break. It's a horror and supernatural shoujo manga. It wasn't scary, but it was disturbing at some points. It's aimed at elementary and junior high students, but really? Are you reeeaaalllly sure

I also read up to vol.11 of Pandora Hearts. Skimming through it back when it was just coming out didn't interest me, but I'm glad I picked it up. I'll read what Yen+ has out before I go to scanlations. 

This semester I am taking Japanese 2020, Accounting, and Business Stats. I managed to download previous quizzes and exams from the professor's archive, so I've been looking at what I can expect in stats. I also needed a Windows 8 for the class. Really? I went and bought one, but um...why? 
My brother left home yesterday. He's going to live with his girlfriend in California. He wants to be around to see her recover. For over a year she was feeling sick and it was only this past month that they found out she had a bad staph infection. 

Anyway, I wish him luck. He's 20, so y'know, it's totally fine. 

Oct. 16th, 2012

How many times must I restart something before I finally decide it's just not for me?
Why is this mathematics class an evening class? Why did it have to be on days where it's the last class of the day and my brain is mush by then? When did I suddenly start sucking at this subject? What happened between the time I graduated from high school to now? Why am I asking these? I know the answer. USU had no other options and my brain decided "screw maths, let's get good at economics now"

Because seriously, economics, history, and language are the classes I've aced while maths has been..........well, ugly. Total opposite of the time before I entered college. 


I am doing an essay this semester about the importance of birth control and safe sex teachings for teenagers. It's still in the beginning stages and I don't know if I want to have that just for school courses or for both that and in the home. If anyone is comfortable in answering, may I request opinions on this matter? Personal experiences, second-hand experiences, general opinions, opposing opinions, they will all be helpful. PMs or comments here are both good. I think annonymous messages have been turn on for this.  Turned it off because I was bombarded with spam. 

Hetalia 5th anime season confirmed

Half of me is screaming in cheerful glee...and the other half is thinking Deen still has it. Oh well. More anime, another spark in the now-quiet fandom. 
This is fine news, I give up.

(I loath Levy, God...)


In other news, it's Canada Day. 

Magi anime to be made by A-1 Pictures

I'm not sure about how I feel, mostly because I haven't watched much of their productions. I've seen the absolute worst (Togainu no chi, kill it with fire) and one of the best (Anohana). They are also known for animating Blue Exorcist, Black Butler, and Fairy Tail. Black Butler and Blue Exorcist have original endings and plotlines (Black Butler hello), which disappointed manga fans. Though with Black Butler, there were only 4 volumes out when the anime was announced, so perhaps they had no choice but to make up an ending. With it being as successful as it was, they then created a whole original season to please the anime fans, or of which I can only guess was the reason. Blue Exorcist has a similar case (I can't remember if it only had 4 or 5 volumes when it was announced). Fairy Tail, meanwhile, had 14 or 15 volumes out when its anime was first announced. It is currently an ongoing series, though I don't know if and how many fillers it has.

So with manga adaptations of any sort, the final product will play out based on how much of the original story is available. Magi has 12 volumes out right now, with volume 13 coming out next month. If pacing is played right, they can turn it into an ongoing series with filler arcs here and there, or they can catch up to a good ending point in the manga and end the anime series with twists of their own (like Fruits Basket did, I guess). 

Anyway, it's for that reason that I'm not all too worried about the adaptation. 
Issue 14 has announced that there will be a big announcement regarding the ongoing series by Julietta Suzuki in issue 15.

- Guesses have said it may be an anime adaptation, another form of adaptation, or the announcement of the fanbook.