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I have received the issue.

The next series I plan on updating is........I dunno. Love So Life or Love x Text.

Cover: Skip Beat

Kamisama Hajimemashita 55 (covering)
Ouji to Majou to Himegimi to 22 (covering)
Monochrome Shounen Shoujo 37
Gekkan Nakatoba (gag)
Gakuen Alice 141
Skip Beat 169
Akatsuki no Yona 29
Love So Life 38 (covering)
Hoshi wa Utau 64 (covering)
Kyo mo Ashita mo 49
Issho ni Neyou yo 25
Hana no Kishi 19 (covering)
Love x Text 4 - final (covering)
Kamada Gyūnyū Hanbai Ten (gag)

Kamisama Hajimemashita

chapter 55

The chapter begins with an anonymous tengu begging at a large set of doors for a second chance. An older tengu creeks open the doors and, with malice in his tone, tells him that they are not seeking weak tengu to be apart of Jirou's plan. They won't allow those who aren't worthy to enter that place again. He tells him to start living below the mountain.

The tengu leaves in despair. Younger tengu, the ones whom Nanami met at the tree earlier, watch on. One of them begins crying and is told to stop before any of the elders see him and decide to kick him out, too. Then again, one feels that they may not be worthy by the time they turn 8, the official adult age of tengu. The one originally crying blubbers in full force, knowing that he definitely won't be good enough by the time he's 8! The 3rd little one, the youngest, brings hope by recalling that Nanami, the "Celestial Maiden", said the 3rd Lord would get better soon.

Jirou continues to look down at the hand he used to grasp Nanami's arm. Yatori sneaks up, noting that the residence has become quite empty, singling out weaker tengu one after another. Jirou, obviously annoyed, asks Yatori how he was able to sneak past his barrier. Yatori used a thread of magical beads to get through, but this time the barrier was rather weak compared to before. He wonders if perhaps the barrier is in disarray right now because the caster's, Jirou's, heart is in disarray as well. This, no doubt, sets Jirou off. He stands up and releases a full force of energy, strengthening the barrier once more. Yatori is delighted to see such a sight. Jirou grabs Yatori's face and asks, again, if he thinks his heart is in disarray. Once he agrees, Jirou tosses him^^.

Jirou recalls the girl he met by the tree. She's the reason he's being distracted. He wonders what her name is...

Meanwhile, Kurama, Tomoe, and Nanami have returned to Suirou's home to sleep. As it turns out, because Tomoe described her as his master, he set both of them up to sleep in the same room. Tomoe quickly sets up a wall between their futons, saying it's too dangerous. The sight of seeing her sleep would be most unsightly indeed^^. But as long as he's within a short view of her, it'll be fine. So she doesn't have to worry. If her kimono become unraveled in her sleep, he won't be affected by it^^. Tomoe takes that the wrong way and tries beating him up.

Kurama peeks in and gleems with a map in his hands, saying it's the layout of the base. They'll begin their attack the very next day! While planning how they're going to get past the barrier, and planning out how to get past Jirou (by intoxicating him), Botanmaru offers to help them. He grovels, begging to be of some use. Kurama tells him he wants him to stay with Suirou so he can remain free from being involved and punished.

They (or rather, Tomoe) comes to the decision that Kurama will deal with Jirou, while he and Nanami search for Kurama's father. Kurama doesn't like it one bit, wanting Nanami to accompany him, but Tomoe doesn't like the idea of Jirou seeing her at all. Botanmaru, nearly in tears, begs again to let him come along, to which Kurama again rejects. Tomoe gives the reason that because Nanami is an IDIOT, she can't go with anyone else besides him^^. Of course, Nanami hurts him for this comment.

Nanami ultimately decides that it'll be her and Botanmaru looking for Kurama's father, while Tomoe and Kurama face off with Jirou. Besides, she has to agree that she would rather not come in contact with Jirou.

Later that night, Tomoe recalls that certain time when Nanami said it was a good idea for her not to meet Jirou. She wouldn't tell him anything. He hears rustling on the other side of the little wall he made for them. Nanami is sound asleep, but she's kicked off the blanket. He puts it back over her. Once he's done that, he wonders into his own thoughts again. He wonders what part of this girl he's come to love...

Hears her get up to go to the bathroom. He recalls the events of the night again. He becomes frustrated and tries going to sleep. He's there to protect her, yet in the end, that's the only thing he can do.

Nanami comes back from the bathroom and heads to bed again. This time she gets under Tomoe's futon, definitely surprising him^^. He tries to tell her to get into her own futon, but she's out like a log. Seeing her sleeping figure proves too irresistible to him. He closes in, in a trance-like state, and traces his lips down her neck. He snaps out of this, remembering that he would only look after her, telling her not to worry about his heart becoming worked up. He sits up, causing Nanami to wake up, absolutely bewildered by the situation they're both in. She asks why he's in her futon. Er, no, this is his futon. She quickly escapes to her own bed^^.

The next morning, they find that Kurama has disguised himself. Nanami and Botanmaru are rather excited to see him dressed as if he's a high official. He looks like a real God now^^. He warns them of a peril they are about to encounter. Jirou won't even take close relatives lightly, and he has the greatest defense at his dispense.

On to Kurama Headquarters...

Ouji to Majou to Himegimi to

chapter 22

When Reiji was little, much contact with his mother was through notes because she had work. It was always, "Good morning", "Welcome", "I'm home", "I'm leaving". We see his two older brothers leaving the house for school, saying good-bye to him.

In the forest, Reiji is starting to suspect that they're going in circles. Subaru also notes that they haven't come across anybody lately, even though someone ought to be at least trying to spook them in this test of courage. Reiji comes to the conclusion that they all just wanted to piss him off, making him angry indeed^^. Subaru doesn't see it like that, though. Anyway, he suggests they try to get back on the right track, so he sets off.

Reiji hears Subaru yelp behind him. She's ducking, giving the explanation that she ran into a branch and all the leaves spooked her. (How often has this happened to anyone, raise of cyber hands!) In a rather embarrassed state now, Subaru asks him she can perhaps hang onto him. This way she can still keep up with his pace so they save time, even when she's being spooked. Even though it's a hassle for him, he makes an exception just this once. She ends up just barely tugging onto his sleeve, which annoys him all the more^^.

He says he won't stay behind to wait for her if someone scares her again (which he finds totally silly) and she gets separated from him because of such a loose grip on him. Still, he tries to make a bit less frightening to her. It's as if the night sky turned out the way it did just for this reason. He tells her to look up. What she sees is the true, star-lit sky. So she can continue to be stupid like she always is, since it'll guide her. Subaru realizes what he's trying to do and smiles.

She asks him if there's anything he's scared of, or anything that he can't deal with very good. She, for example, can't intake hot food very well. He wants to know why he's telling her this (since he's always trying to find her weaknesses). She trusts people who talk about their weaknesses more than those who try to hide them. She jokes around, saying it'd be unfair if she told him but he didn't tell her^^. She tells him to ignore this jest, but he decides to tell her through a story from the past.

He said before that he was born with bad luck. One time when he was child, he almost died. At a school event, he was climbing up a mountain when his foot slipped and hit his head. When he woke up, he saw his mother, who actually wasn't at work for once. It surprised him when his mother rose her voice, breaking down in tears. His older brothers quickly ran to be beside them. He begun to think how much she would cry if he never opened his eyes again. This could actually happen if he's not careful next time...

From that day on, he deciding not to take usual words like, "Welcome home", "See you later", etc. for granted and just say them. Perhaps this is why he isn't afraid to hide what's on his mind when he's going against others^^.

Then Subaru remembers seeing what looked like a good-luck charm in his pocket (in the last chapter). She wonders if it's a way to protect himself, as to not worry his mother again. He looks pissed again^^. But knowing that they have a good luck charm with them makes this experience even less scary to her. Reiji feels for his charm in his back pocket, but freezes when he finds out it's not there. She thinks it's another joke, but he's telling the truth this time. He says they'll ignore it and just continue finding the real path, but Subaru insists that she'll look for it. He reminds her of how scared she'll be. But she says he'll DIE if he doesn't have it^^. (No Subaru, go die on your own....is what he says^^.)

She begins looking, trying to convince herself she's not scared, but she obviously still is. She tries to retrace their steps, looking near the bushes. Still, it's dark so she stumbles left and right.

As he observes her, a memory from his past life surfaces. The witch appears to Cinderella, telling her that she is cursing the sinful prince to be reincarnated. He is no longer in this world. If the princesses want to follow suit and prove that they're "grown up", then she will grant them the opportunity to continue on with the same prince, who will be reincarnated as a girl. Cinderella sheds a tear, pondering how many times her feelings won't come true. A memory of the prince presenting the glass slipper surfaces. She accepted the slipper, didn't she?

Subaru finally finds the charm close to the bushes further back. She returns with excitement and begins chuckling. She takes his hand and places it in his hand. "Although it's not a glass slipper, here you go, my dear Cinderella. Or something like that, right?!" Reiji turns away, not visibly embarrassed (but obviously he's affected by this).

The wind blows, creating a haunting whistle. Subaru asks to hold onto him again. He allows it, but this time she needs to hold onto his hand. He won't allow any other place but that. He makes a devilish grin, saying she's turned red in the face^^. She still hesitates, making him grow impatient and he takes her hand himself. He just wants to get home as soon as possible, so she'd better keep up!

Suddenly, Reiji sees a light. Again, she thinks he's kidding like he did before, but this time it's no lie. There really is a light! Subaru's freaked that it's actually a real ghost! But out pops Motochika instead. He gets on his radio, informing the one on the other end that he's found them. He explains that a search team was sent out to search for them once they had not returned. He wants to play with Subaru afterwards, asking if it's okay.

Subaru thanks Reiji for helping her keep calmer. However, he tells her not to misunderstand him quite yet. Now he knows her weakness, and he's the ONLY ONE who does. He's definitely going to use it as an advantage over her^^. All the while, they're still holding each other's hands as they return.

He reminds her what the consequences will be if she tells anyone his weakness.

Love So Life

chapter 38

- Nothing relevant.

Hoshi wa Utau

chapter 64

"Yes, the stars here sing. But not just here. They sing wherever you are."

That is what Sakuya states after Sakura asks her if the stars sing there. Sakuya knows that this woman wants to make her precious person happy, for which may be the reason she traveled here in the first place. Sakura says she knows what's precious to Chihiro more than anyone else. Only she knows what makes him the happiest.

Sakuya smiles, face flushed, and tells her to have all the happiness the world can offer if that's the case. Sakura, who had looked so depressed, smiles and says she'll do exactly that and walks away.

A tear runs down Sakuya's face. She smiles peacefully. She's glad she finally got to see Sakura. Despite always feeling that she never wanted to see her face, she's very glad she feels this way now.

She sits on the school roof (no I don't know what this place is actually) and thinks about the events of that day. She recalls Sakura saying she's the only one who knows how to make Chihiro happy.  This is it. Sakuya decides she's not going to wait anymore. No more waiting for something that she'll never have.

Suddenly the door creeks open, startling Sakuya a great deal. Nobody is there, though. She sighs of relief and begins her leave from that place. She takes one last look at it and recalls a memory of her and Chihiro standing closely together there. She closes her eyes and turns back around. "Good-bye. For real."

Later when she's gone, Chihiro opens the door and looks around. He trails his hand along the fence and smiles as if he's remembering pleasant things.

A narration of Sakura begins. She understood that Chihiro wasn't coming to her for good. A flashback begins to where Chihiro was telling her that he would stay with her until she got better, no matter how many years that would be. (ch.58) However, even though his feelings had never seemed so close to her, Sakura understood that they wouldn't be "living their lives together". Her mother had told her that Chihiro was a whole new person.

Chihiro began telling her about what happened in the new place he had lived in. There he met a little star. She seems like someone who held no ill will, which seemed stupid to him. She laughed, she was easy to talk to, but a crybaby. He fell in love with this girl. Deeply in love. For this, he didn't feel like he could become Sakura's lover, and he deeply apologized. Sakura didn't want to hear anymore. She begged him to stay beside her. She was afraid that she would lose again. He pat her head, assuring her he wouldn't ever leave her behind.

Sakura knew she was being spoiled. She knew she was weak. That she was relieved.

On the roof, Chihiro continues walking along the fence and spots a bag. Sakuya suddenly barges through the door looking embarrassed at herself that she forgot her work bag. She opens her eyes and is shocked to see...

At Hijiri's residence, Yuuri has come to pay a visit. Saki is calling for "O-jou", which seems pretty weird to Yuuri since they're married. Saki is used to always calling her that, so it didn't strike him as odd. Anyway, Yuuri notes that the place still looks the same and wonders how OLD she looks now. Hijiri pops up and scratches Yuuri on the cheek, welcoming him to her home. He apologizes for what he said, but her NAILS sure have grown.

Yuuri explains he's there on business. He's delivering a huge present to Sakuya, making a secretive face. Though it was difficult because it was so adamant on not coming back, but  he managed to persuade Kanade and his uncle and aunt to side with him. Yuuri says it all worked out, and now he wants a beer. Hijiri just pieced the story together and knows what Yuuri is talking about, which she is stunned to realize.

The last page shows Sakuya and Chihiro shocked to see one another.

Sakura narration: "Even I understood...that I had to start moving forward."

The final chapter will be in the Jan.20th issue

Hana no Kishi

chapter 19

Sei's father tells them about the betrayal that happened 25 years in the past. Back then, it was Jin's (Sei's father) older brother who was the heir to the Ohtori family, but he abused his power and used it to suppress anyone who went against him. Some of the other knights, including Shidou (Ran's father) didn't like this aspect and foresaw that if this guy, Gen Ohtori, became the head of the family, it would be dangerous. So they elected Jin to be the next heir, and since enough knights sided with him, Gen was defeated.

more stuff I didn't catch

Anyway, at school they talk about the two remaining knights that they don't know the side of yet. One is Kei Tohya, and the other is President Houjou. Ibara reveals he took Kei's gloves (happy face), so all that's left is to win Houjou's side, which Ran will do alone. (Ibara's worried^^)

When Ran gets to Houjou's office, she sees that one of the people following Glasses has already been there, only to loose whatever he came there for. Houjou suspects Ran is there to ask him the same thing. Houjou tells her that he won't be joining neither side because he wants to have fun seeing what the final outcome is. Wanting to take the First Knight position and stealing Ran's gloves sounds fun, and going against Shizuka's campaign of electing the real heir sounds fun, too. Ran wants to know what started this whole "entertainment" thing with him, so he explains.

Eversince he was young, he's always sought out a thrill. He never had a problem with school, with battles, or even with girls, so all the achievements he got were worthless. So he's only interested in those human beings who are either interesting to him or higher than himself. Someone like Rei.

A flashback begins in his mind of him and Rei dueling. He says that if Ran can do something like Rei that he cannot do, then he'll join them. He figures there's nothing she can do, so he tells her to give up.

Ran realizes that Houjou feels lonely talking about Rei. He especially felt alone after his best friend died. She smiles sympathetically, saying they're the same. This makes Houjou angry (to say the least) and he says he's not the same as the likes of her. It may seem that she has a lot in common with him, but there is absolutely nothing she can do to defeat him.

He has another flashback of Rei defeating him, and him declaring that he'll win next time.

When Ran tries to get his hand off her mouth, Houjou slams Ran's head back against the glass cupboard, which Ibara and Rin hear from outside the door. Rin is about to barge in, but Ibara stops him.

Houjou expresses that there is still a way that he can get his fill out of this. He loves interesting and beautiful people. To him, she is beautiful. He feels over her lips and leans in closer. Ran admits that as she is now, she can't defeat him, BUT there's just one thing she can surpass him in.

She points out that they are on the 4th story of the building right now. She asks if he can jump from the window. Of course he can't. No human being in their right mind would even think to do that. However, Ran says she can. Houjou thinks she's kidding, but sure enough, she's not.

next chapter comes out in the Jan.20th issue

Love x Text

chapter 4 - final

- It'll end with the continuation of the rivalry....


Cover of next issue: Seiyuu ka-! & Ouji to Majou to Himegimi to

Starting series of next issue: Seiyuu ka-!

As you can see, not much was given. Either the poster doesn't want to leak too much, or they're just expressing what they think based on the previous chapters. I need more reactions!!!!

A DOUBLE COVER?! I don't recall that ever happening for a Hana to Yume cover. It's for the drama CD furoku in that issue. It's going to have a Seiyuu ka track and an Ouji track. The theme is "ike-koe festival", meaning lots of guys. Here is the voice cast that was given:


The long-awaited audio-adaptation! Will it become a double pounding party at Megumi's house?!

Subaru: Mitsuki Saiga (Makoto of Genshiken, Tsukasa of .hack//SIGN, Wolfram of Kyo Kara Maoh! OMG!!!)

Megumi: Satoshi Hino (Kiriya of La Corda d'Oro special, Sai of Naruto, Riken of Otome Youkai Zakuro AHHHHHH)

Others (yes, that's all it says.)

Mitsuki Saiga....IS PERFEEEEECT!!!!!!!!!!! Subaru is gonna sound so cool!!!

Seiyuu ka:

Shiro and Senri have a huge love development!! (YES YOU READ RIGHT: SHIRO, HIME'S MALE COUNTERPART! I'm so excited~~~)

Shiro/Hime: Yuu Asakawa

Senri: Tomokazu Sugita

Narrator: Takahiro Sakurai (Suzaku of Code Geass, Misaki of Junjou Romantica, Yuri of Kyo Kara Maoh KYAAAAAA)


I can't believe I still have to wait 'til I get issue 4 (Jan.20th) to listen to them!!!! GRAAAAHHHHHH


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Dec. 29th, 2010 07:59 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much.. =)
Dec. 31st, 2010 03:31 am (UTC)
is this the last chapter of Hoshi wa Utau?
Dec. 31st, 2010 05:51 am (UTC)
Nope. At the end of that one kissy chapter, it said there were 4 more to go. So we had that graduation chapter, the chapter in the previous issue, this one, and then the next one will be final. According to that "4 more to go" announcement.
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Jan. 1st, 2011 07:16 am (UTC)
WAIT WHAT? o___o

Shiro and Senri??? in the Drama CD???? wooot >D
so this is not having anything to do with the manga chapters so far, right?
Maybe Shiro's new role? (was I right about being it with Senri then? xD lol)
Jan. 1st, 2011 11:52 pm (UTC)
Maybe it does have something to do with what's going to happen next in the story. Shiro is doing a drama CD, right?

What I want most is Shiro and Senri acting out BL. That'd be so....CUTE! (XD)
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Oh my god, oh my god, thank you so much! Could what I hope would happen really be happening 0.0 ?! Please stay with Sakuya, Chihiro >_< !!
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thank you for HwU spoiler
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.... and with this HwU chap Kanade is mine 8D Good girl, Sakuya, I'll give you 300 yen :3
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Why houjou hates ran??
Jan. 5th, 2011 06:09 am (UTC)
Re: Hi
Sorry. That was a translation mistake I made from just skimming through the chapter. I fixed what he says. kirai (dislike) and kirei (beautiful) look so much alike, ARGH!
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Thank you for the wonderful work .
Love the summary of Hana no Kishi ><
~*sarah *~
Jan. 6th, 2011 08:53 am (UTC)
*BIG GLOMP* Thanks for summarising HnK!!!! I officially hate Kinokuniya now, went there 2 days in a row but no HanaYume at all!!!!!! They have lots of Shounen Jump lying around though. Grrrrrr!!!

Awww...is Ran going to jump out from the window landing into the arms of Ibara-chama??? *hearts*
Jan. 6th, 2011 09:27 am (UTC)
Weird. It was supposed to ship out waaaay early this time due to the holidays. Seriously, the ch2 threads began on the 29th of December! You sure you just didn't miss it and they were all bought...again? (XD)

I can imagine she'll land on Momokawa and Saiki, since Ibara and Rin are standing outside Houjou's door. It all seems very unrealistic, though. It's the 4th story!!! Though Houjou does say it's possible with practice. STILL!

Unless she planned the whole thing and made them prepare a trampoline... Like, "This is Houjou-senpai. I need to do something interesting, while proving a point, to win him over."

NEXT CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next issue will be the 1-year anniversary of HnK's serialization. 20 chapters in a year, without that annoying 1.5 month break. Nice pace. But I get the feeling that we'll be getting that long break soon

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Jan. 7th, 2011 04:41 am (UTC)
Sweeeeet, thank you for the HwU summary
Jan. 7th, 2011 11:29 am (UTC)
Hmm... before Sei's father wasn't the real heir but his brother, that means he probably have a son or a daughter who want the position as the next heir???
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Dankeschön for HnK ! I don't know why ..but I have the feeling that rei is alive ... and he betrayed sei in the past....
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another mouse...!
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anyway, I'm working on HnK...

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Another mouse has been sacrificed...the poor thing~

HEY CHOCKZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For chapter 19's credit page, I was wondering if you could perhaps work with the HnK New Year's card that was released? It's a small image, sadly. It's available on this:


Year of the Rabbit!!!!!!!!

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Love all your teasers!!
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Gakuen Alice chapter 141 Summary
Can you make a summary for Chapter 141?
Jan. 12th, 2011 04:38 am (UTC)
Re: Gakuen Alice chapter 141 Summary
Sorry, but no. I don't do summaries for series that are already covered. The translation for chapter 141 is available in 2 parts:

pages 1-19


pages 20-30

Jan. 15th, 2011 03:05 pm (UTC)
:) kamisama summary!!!!! thank you!!
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